Technical Consultation

Technical Design

Every design on paper is just in 2-dimension, however, garments are 3-dimensional objects. We can bring you suggestions so that the samples will come out more likely to match your original designs and possibly a better design than what you imagined.

Finishing Options

Edge finishing has to depend on machine requirements, sewing sequence, fabric restrictions, and many other factors. It is occasionally difficult to decide what edge finishing is required for each styles. It is also very important to specify finishing details for factories to execute exactly what you want.

Measurement Specification

Measurements are the foundation of fit and sizing consistency. By understanding the market needs for your company, we can help you figure out measurements for different garments.

Streamline Production

For every design, there is an engineering aspect of the design so that a design can be made real. In mass production environment, the engineering aspect is even more important due to machine requirements. We can help figure out detail changes to ensure smooth execution without changing the actual design.

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