Modern Patterndrafting

Record Keeping and Storage

Digital patterndrafting makes record keeping a lot easier. There is no need to delete past version drafts simply because digital storage does not require physical space as most fashion businesses are limited by physical space. It is also easy to see the before and after adjustments as shown in the screenshot on the left.

Transportation for Production

Simply emailing the patterns will get your patterns to your manufacturers in a split second. No shipping cost; even if you are shipping from North America to China.

Grading Inheritance 

By using a pre-existing graded draft, the new draft will inherit the grade rules to ensure the same fit and sizing is carried over to the new style in development. This will majorly reduce the cost in grading since hard paper pattern will require grading to be done for different styles even if the styles are supposed to have the same fit and sizing. 

In any fashion business, consistency is key and with our services, consistency can be build from ground up and maintained through every development season.


Graded production patterns can be converted to be used for different other patternmaking and markermaking softwares. It is not a problem when your manufacturers use different softwares.

Using Format